Reorganizing your Time to Make Way for Extra Income


Today one income stream just doesn’t cut it anymore. I mean who doesn’t want multiple streams of income? (seriously, I’ll wait for your answer). However, working that full-time job that will require 40+ hours of your time a week in addition to other personal commitments such as kids and/or taking care of loved ones will hardly leave any time for anything else to be done.

But like the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way. This will may mean cutting back on your favorite reality TV show, Sunday night sports game or even hanging out with friends on the weekends. You may even need to shave a few hours off your standard 8-hour beauty sleep at night to score that next big project or digital interruption in your desired market. The key to accomplishing such task will require commitment, planning, and good old-fashion time management. Continue reading “Reorganizing your Time to Make Way for Extra Income”


THE INTROVERTED CEO- 5 Steps to a More Confident You


Are you an introvert? Is social networking stressful to you? We live in a society in which technology has allowed us less physical interaction with others. This can hinder you in the future when you are trying to rub elbows with top influencers in your industry or that one individual that can help your project reach superstar status.

Society tends to tell us that extroverted individuals are more capable of getting a job, will be liked more by other peers, and are simply a lot more fun to be around. However, this can’t be any further from the truth. This causes us introverts to have to wear that extroverted mask to have a better shot at the same opportunities as our extroverted counterparts. Continue reading “THE INTROVERTED CEO- 5 Steps to a More Confident You”


Confessions of a Reluctant Soon-to-be Graduate


It’s the last semester in my graduate program and, truth is, I was terrified to death of the thought of spending the next (how many ever) years working a traditional 9-5. I had to look forward to long hours working a job in which everything else in life that I enjoyed would be put on the back-burner. Actually, that wasn’t the case for me. Six months after I began to apply for jobs and a few decent interviews later, I still had no job offers. I couldn’t help but think, what was I doing so wrong that I couldn’t even land one offer? Continue reading “Confessions of a Reluctant Soon-to-be Graduate”