5 Steps to Continuously Have Great Ideas

great ideas

Great ideas may come a dime a dozen. You may never know of its success until you execute.

How many times have you seen your great idea on television, only for someone else to receive credit for it. I cannot count the number of times that I’ve seen a new idea on television only to think to myself, “Hey, I have thought of doing that before.” Had I put that thought into execution, that might have been me on television promoting my new product. Continue reading “5 Steps to Continuously Have Great Ideas”


How Saving Money will Ultimately Save You

saving money

If you are saving money, your money will save you in the long-run.

We’ve all had issues with saving money at some point in our life. It seems as though that what we currently make never seems to satisfy all of our needs and desires. So, this begs the question, “How much will be enough to satisfy both?” People naturally buy things that they really don’t need. This can result in our wants exceeding our needs and thus, we fall into debt. When you save, you can have the flexibility to use that money to make more money. Ask yourself these 2 simple questions. Continue reading “How Saving Money will Ultimately Save You”


4 Steps Toward Your Successful Future


Success can mean different things to different people. We all hold ourselves to different standards and how we achieve our success is not the same as the next person. Many people may define success based on the number of materialistic things that they have acquired. For others, being successful has a much deeper meaning. Unfortunately, some will never reach their idea of success due to the checks and balances of life. Continue reading “4 Steps Toward Your Successful Future”


Tips To Help You Land A Job Interview

Job Seeker: “I’ve applied for many jobs without getting a single interview. What am I doing wrong?”

Many people in your position have asked themselves this question. Truth is, that there are so many variables that go into an employer’s decision to hire someone that it’s actually very difficult to pinpoint reasons why one isn’t getting any interviews. Sometimes I truly wish employers/recruiters could play a more active role in giving feedback that would help professionals be more successful on their job hunt journey. Here are some tips to consider just to make sure that everything on your part has been checked off. Continue reading “Tips To Help You Land A Job Interview”


Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone: Tips to Starting A Conversation In A Group Setting


Networking with complete strangers is not always something that everyone can adapt to. This can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety if you are not comfortable with initiating conversations in a group of unfamiliar faces. However, this is very necessary to do if you want to advance both personally and professionally in whichever goals that you want to accomplish. Here are a few tips that can help you step out of your comfort zone and ease the burden of initiating a group conversation. Continue reading “Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone: Tips to Starting A Conversation In A Group Setting”