7 Steps To Set Up A Home-based Business Online

home-based business

The Internet has transformed the way entrepreneurs do business. You can get information, buy raw materials, and sell your products within a few clicks.

It’s your choice. You can use the Internet as the core of your business or you can use it for promoting your products.

If you want to launch a home-based business selling services online, then here are the steps to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a successful reality. Continue reading “7 Steps To Set Up A Home-based Business Online”


How To Turn Your Online Business Into Your Personal Money Tree


Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? While it would be great to find one of these bad boys in the wild, no one ever said that we couldn’t create our own. What if I told you that you could grow one by starting your own online business. It’s true! Millions of people have found ways to add additional income streams by creating a business on the world wide web. Here are some basic steps that can help you start growing your money tree today. Continue reading “How To Turn Your Online Business Into Your Personal Money Tree”


How To Navigate A Business With Limited Resources


Okay, so most small business owners have been there and if you haven’t gotten there, you may have the unfortunate opportunity to experience it. Trying to start a business with little to no resources needed to help you get the ball rolling. I once sat down with a colleague who shared his experience of applying for his very first business loan…. Continue reading “How To Navigate A Business With Limited Resources”


Tips To Consider When Trying To Land A Potential Investor


Tip 1: Include your personal background as it relates to your proposal. Be sure to include your experience, education, applicable training, or any other personal qualities that would help the investor get to know you a little better. If you have a great loan repayment history, be sure to include that as well. Continue reading “Tips To Consider When Trying To Land A Potential Investor”


Brand Identity: Stay True To Who You Are!


As your company begins to grow, it may be a little challenging to stay aligned with your brand identity. Besides, your company at 10 employees won’t be the same company at 1,000 employees. So how do you navigate the unforeseen? The most successful always tout the notion of not being stagnant when growing an enterprise. Your business must be dynamic and flexible, with the ability adapt to change within seconds notice to stay afloat. It is then that business owners are faced with the dilemma of staying true to their brand or compromise their identity to chase the almighty dollar.   Continue reading “Brand Identity: Stay True To Who You Are!”