5 Steps to Continuously Have Great Ideas

great ideas

Great ideas may come a dime a dozen. You may never know of its success until you execute.

How many times have you seen your great idea on television, only for someone else to receive credit for it. I cannot count the number of times that I’ve seen a new idea on television only to think to myself, “Hey, I have thought of doing that before.” Had I put that thought into execution, that might have been me on television promoting my new product.

It’s very seldom that someone else hasn’t already thought of your great idea. It’s all a matter of who will beat the other to the punch first. If you feel that you are this person, here are 5 steps that can help you have great ideas.

1.   Become knowledgeable in the area of your new idea.

You don’t always need to be an expert in this great idea, but you must be knowledgeable. In fact, if your next idea stems from a favorite hobby, you’ll already be quite knowledgeable in that area. Let’s say that your next idea is to bring a new haircare product to market. Your customers may not expect you to be a chemist in all the ingredients included in your product. However, you’ll need to know what works and what doesn’t as it pertains to your target audience. Try various product lines and document the results from each. Build your product closely with the one that yields the best results.

2.   Practice idea-generating techniques.

It doesn’t take much effort for just any old idea to pop up in your head. However, if you are looking to capitalize off these ideas, you’d want to keep those juices flowing. A great idea doesn’t necessarily have to start with you continuously re-inventing the wheel. Rather, you can redefine it. Take note of some of the issues that are occurring today and find a solution to them. This can open up for a whole new era of possibilities.

3.   Write down all your ideas.

Don’t let your great ideas get away! Always have a pen and pad or even just your cell phone close by. Make sure that you capture all that your brain has to offer. You don’t have to act on every idea that you capture. You can just store your own personal database of ideas and revisit each later if you wish to expound upon them.

4.   Filter out the best from the rest of the ideas

Make a short list of ideas that you feel can actually solve real-world problems. These are the ones that will make a profit for you. Keep in mind that the basis for this idea is to PROVIDE A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM! Don’t get so caught up in profits that you lose sight of this.

5.   Execute!

All too often will we generate a list of ideas, only for them to never leave the piece of paper that we wrote them down on. Don’t be that person sitting in front of the television watching someone else profit from your idea. You’ll never know if your idea will be a success if you do not execute it.

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