7 Steps To Set Up A Home-based Business Online

home-based business

The Internet has transformed the way entrepreneurs do business. You can get information, buy raw materials, and sell your products within a few clicks.

It’s your choice. You can use the Internet as the core of your business or you can use it for promoting your products.

If you want to launch a home-based business selling services online, then here are the steps to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a successful reality.

1. Research and decide the service you want to offer: 

What kind of service do you want to offer? Have you collected loads of soft toys in the last few years and wish to sell them? Do you cook lip-smacking meals quickly? Choose the service or products you want to sell. If you want to start a small catering service, then you should explore the market first. Is there a good market demand for catering services? If so, then consider offering this service in your locality.

2. Create a website that viewers can navigate easily:

Forget about launching a home-based business online if you can’t speak the language of online business owners. Make sure you create a website where your potential customers can easily find and purchase your products online. Choose a proper domain name and URL. Hire a web developer who can

(i) develop a safe and secure website

(ii) create a user-friendly website that is easily navigable. Your potential customers should be able to browse different web pages such as ‘about us’, ‘contact us’, ‘products’, and ‘testimonials’ easily.

Include a tempting opt-in offer that potential customers can’t refuse so that you can collect e-mail addresses.

3. Explain your services/products clearly: 

Once your website is done, you have to grab eyeballs with compelling content explaining your products and services. Give a compelling headline to arouse interest. Talk about your product. Visit various forums and find out what kind of problems people are facing. Explain how your product or services can help to solve those problems. Upload pictures and videos on your website to describe how your products and services can help people.

4. Do proper SEO to bring traffic to your website: 

Your home-based online business is destined to fail if people can’t find your website on popular search engines. Do proper keyword research and find out the keywords people use to find the product you’re selling. Incorporate those keywords into your website content. Give proper meta tags, meta title and, meta description.

A good search engine ranking can help to boost your website traffic and business eventually. 

5. Get proper accreditation: 

No matter what people say, accreditation matters. So if you can get your business accredited, it may help to the earn the trust of your new customers.

6. Get a merchant authorization: 

You have an online business. Needless to say, people will buy your products or pay for your services online. Your first option is to accept checks. Your other option is to take MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and other cards.

Make your website safe and secure so that customers feel comfortable in sharing their credit card information with you.

7. Look for new customers: 

Look for potential customers on various social media platforms. Join Facebook communities, explore Twitter and Linkedin for getting new business opportunities. Promote your products and services on these platforms because every day people are looking for ways to solve their problems.


Update your website. Usually, websites that are frequently updated with new information get higher search engine rankings.

Work on the look and feel of your website. Add new features to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Offer new products and services that your customers can use. If you can’t launch new products, then publish an engaging blog post every week. A good blog post may help to bring new links to your website and a better search engine ranking.

Blogging hardly costs any money in a month but it can help to generate thousands in advertising revenue. So work hard to make your blog popular.



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