The Famous Entrepreneur: What Defines You?

Famous Entrepreneur

Mostly everyone will have a chance at starting some sort of entrepreneurship. However, seldom will they get a chance to be a part of the famous entrepreneur club.

I use to believe that everyone had an equal shot at becoming a famous entrepreneur. Then I discovered that the tooth fairy wasn’t real. In reality, some people are just a bit luckier than others. I mean don’t get me wrong, every famous entrepreneur will admit to having their fair share of adversary and hardships. To be honest, it seems as though the ones that have endured the most, become the most famous.

Fame and fortune will usually go hand-in-hand. Whenever there has been a substantial amount of fortune, fame will soon follow and vice versa. What defines a famous entrepreneur is twofold. This requires that you work on both establishing your identity as well as offering distinct services. You may not initially set out to become famous when you first start your entrepreneurial journey. In fact, many people don’t. Just take most viral YouTube sensations for example. A two-minute recording of you charismatically promoting a product can make all the difference if targeted toward the right audience. In case you happen to stumble upon your 15 minutes of fame, here are a few things to consider.


Know who you are.

Your personal identity is what makes you unique. This alone will make you stand out from the rest. A famous entrepreneur is famous because of her ability to stay true to who she really is. You can argue that not everyone will stay on the path of being true to oneself. Your fame will not change your identity. Rather, it will reveal who you truly are.

Safeguard your reputation.

Without your money and your fame, your reputation will be all that you have left. As a famous entrepreneur, it would be in your best interest to protect the legacy that you will leave after your moments in the spotlight are over. What will be your lasting impression on your audience? Furthermore, did you put in the effort to create an image that you want to be remembered for?

Seek people who are going where you’re headed or those who are already there.

As you may already know, it’s not always about what you know, but who you know that can get you to where you are headed. If you are headed to the path of fame, it may not hurt to be acquainted with someone who is already there. They can teach you the do’s and don’ts of this unchartered territory. This person may not necessarily need to be famous, rather someone that will have your best interest at heart.

Distinct Services

Offer something of value.

Your identity is as important as what you can offer others. Your service to others will reveal your true identity. What you are offering should be of high quality. High quality does not necessarily mean that your service should be of high tangible value. Simply offering value-added services will increase the quality.

Help solve a problem.

Use your newfound fame to be of service to others. The best type of leadership that one can exhibit is that of a servant leader. Use your services to empower those around you. Your fame will give you power. This power will give the ability to help influence things that a non-famous person cannot. Use your power to solve issues that will make a lasting effect in your community. Make sure that this lasting effect would no longer be a problem for the next generation.

Advocate for a good cause.

Years after you are no longer around, your legacy will be shaped by the issues that you advocated for. People will not always remember the things that you may have said. However, they will remember the way that you made them feel.


Not all people will desire to become famous. Being widely known may also bring some unwanted attention. When you find your self in this situation, make sure that you have all the tools to help shape the narrative.

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