Photography as the Ultimate Side Hustle

side hustle

Turn your camera skills into a steady side hustle.

Photography is probably one of the most underrated side hustles of all time. I mean who doesn’t know how to take a picture? With this paid hobby, you could easily generate a few extra hundred dollars a week. More people today own camera phones than virtually anything else. For most of your gigs, you won’t even need to have the most sophisticated camera to get the job done. You can even pretty much schedule your own hours around your day job. Here are 6 ideas that you can incorporate into your photography side hustle.

Event Photography

This is perhaps the most common side hustle that photographers partake in. Personal events such as births and weddings occur daily. There will always be a need for you to help capture those precious moments.


From modeling to fashion or just someone who loves photos of themselves, there is enough demand for photoshoots. Seek places such as Los Angeles and New York that have high celebrity traffic to keep this hustle lucrative.

Freelance photography

There are many businesses and even large corporations that seek photography services. You could even reach out to local newspaper and magazine companies that will allow you to do freelance work for them. In addition, there is often a need for real estate photographers to help market and promote homes.

Sell stock photography

Websites such as iStock, Shutterstock, and Flickr, are all great sites to sell your stock photos. You can easily sell and/or licenses all your photos through these sites at a reasonable price.

Photo editing for new photographers

After much success with your photography side hustle, start offering services to edit prints for other photographers. A second set of eyes will always be valuable for any photography business.

Teach photography techniques

Alas, you can start a blog or even a full-blown business that teaches others photography techniques. Offer demonstrations and local workshops that will engage your clients in your material.

Starting your Photography Side Hustle

By now you should be ready to start your new venture. Now that you know all the ways that you can profit from a photography side hustle, here are some steps on how to start.

Create a portfolio

You’d want your portfolio to include samples of all the types of services that you are able to offer. Presentation is key when showcasing your portfolio. Don’t just choose your favorite images. Select photos that capture the appropriate mood and overall essence of your collection. Be sure to have a hard copy as well as a digital version of your work.

Create a website

Your website will be the best representation of your work. Sort your work into categories (weddings, births, photoshoots) so that your clients can easily identify what you have to offer.

Market your products

Most importantly, market your creations to the world. Include catchy phrases or keywords that can help draw attention to your work. Be sure to include specials or promotions that will keep your clients coming back.

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