4 Steps Toward Your Successful Future


Success can mean different things to different people. We all hold ourselves to different standards and how we achieve our success is not the same as the next person. Many people may define success based on the number of materialistic things that they have acquired. For others, being successful has a much deeper meaning. Unfortunately, some will never reach their idea of success due to the checks and balances of life.

I truly believe that most people wish to experience what it is like to be on that winning side. However, in life, you will often time encounter that person that is complacent and remains stagnant. Do you feel as though you are this person? If not, then, you obviously want to be on the winning team.

As already stated, success can mean many things. My definition of success is more of intrinsic value. Success to me means to be happy, competent, and confident in my career and business ventures. It also means to me that I accomplish all the goals that I have set for myself.

Success should not mean how much more money you have than someone else or if you are better looking than those around you. It should focus solely on you and how you perceive yourself in the present and/or future. It is not something that you should prove daily but rather something that you live. Success is not only a significant milestone but, a lifestyle.

Here are some steps that can guide you toward your success.

  1. Envision your vison. Having a clear vison of where you want to be in life is the most critical step. Create a mental vision of whatever it is that you intend to do. How do you see your life in 1 or maybe even 10 years from now? Is it a drastic change from where you are today? Having a vision will create a clear focus on what you need to accomplish to get there.
  2. Adopt successful habits. Word to the wise, you cannot expect different results if you continue to engage in the same unsuccessful habits. Continuously seek to learn new things about the world around you. Cautiously make big decisions and never decide things on impulse. A slow “Yes” is always better than a quick “No.” Learn how to navigate through all the distractions that life will throw at you. There will be many.
  3. Create a strategy. Going back to step 1, when determining if your vision is a drastic change from your current state. What are the steps that you will need to take to turn this vision into a lifestyle? Write down everything you would need to do to achieve this. Once you have made your list. Put these steps in methodological order in which you can accomplish them. Also, put a timeline together so that you can measure how far you’ve gotten and how much closer to success you’ve come to.
  4. Appreciate the Experience. Make the most of your journey. Your path will not always be smooth sailing. In fact, it may never be that way until you reach your destination. Adversity comes with any action that will make a difference in your life. How you deal with it will define your experience. Be effective as to make your path the most meaningful to you.

Keep in mind, success does not come without sacrifice. The price of success will usually come in the form of time and effort. Being successful requires hard work, dedication, and a little bit a faith in yourself.

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