Tips To Help You Land A Job Interview

Job Seeker: “I’ve applied for many jobs without getting a single interview. What am I doing wrong?”

Many people in your position have asked themselves this question. Truth is, that there are so many variables that go into an employer’s decision to hire someone that it’s actually very difficult to pinpoint reasons why one isn’t getting any interviews. Sometimes I truly wish employers/recruiters could play a more active role in giving feedback that would help professionals be more successful on their job hunt journey. Here are some tips to consider just to make sure that everything on your part has been checked off.

  1. Have a professional review your resume- Go to your local college or career development center and have someone critique your resume. Anything from spelling, grammar, or even font type/size should be considered when putting together your resume. Most importantly, make sure that your resume is the appropriate length as compared to the amount of experience that you have. If you do not have much professional experience, try to keep your resume at one page. If you have a fair amount of work experience, you are expected to fill two pages.
  2. Make sure you are only applying for jobs that you qualify for- Sometimes we try to cast our net wide in hopes of landing at least one job interview. Focus your efforts on quality, not quantity. You should have many variations of your resume as it pertains to the jobs that you are applying for. Take the time to tailor your resume to the job that you are applying for and in many cases, use the exact same language listed in the job description. Often-time (especially large corporations), companies use ATS (Application tracking systems) to help sort through large amounts of applications that they receive daily. This means that for us job seekers if our resume does not have a high compatibility with the job that is listed, it will never even be seen by human eyes. Even the most qualified applicant is eliminated during this process. is actually a great site to determine your resume/job description compatibility.
  3. Network with like professionals- Social networking is the new norm for recruiters to find great talent and LinkedIn makes this possible. Try finding and networking with recruiters that can get your resume in the hands of a hiring manager. Sometimes it’s not what you know but, who you know that will help you get that career.
  4. Market your skills and what you have to offer in a very compelling cover letter- This is your opportunity to sell yourself and really point out why you’d be great for the position. Highlight your accomplishments and soft skills as it relates to the job. Be sure to include some of the company’s core values and why you hold these values so dear to your heart. It would also be helpful to know their mission and why you’d be a great asset in helping them accomplish this.
  5. Be patient- This may be the most difficult to adapt, especially if your finances depend on it. The job seeking process can have a strain on you both physically and mentally. Submit as many quality well-written resumes/job applications as you possibly can each day and just simply walk a from it for a while. Don’t let the lack of interviews discourage you from getting the job you want.

I wish you good luck and a successful job landing!


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