Brand Identity: Stay True To Who You Are!


As your company begins to grow, it may be a little challenging to stay aligned with your brand identity. Besides, your company at 10 employees won’t be the same company at 1,000 employees. So how do you navigate the unforeseen? The most successful always tout the notion of not being stagnant when growing an enterprise. Your business must be dynamic and flexible, with the ability adapt to change within seconds notice to stay afloat. It is then that business owners are faced with the dilemma of staying true to their brand or compromise their identity to chase the almighty dollar.  

“Identify your core values.” It should first be noted that higher profit margins should never be a part of your core values. Your core values are aimed to solve a real problem within the market. This should set the stage for your call to action and how you plan to solve this problem. These should be permanent, written in blood, and laminated in stone. Your core identity is the foundation in which your enterprise stands on. Any crack and/or chips in your foundation may put at risk the survival of the entire organization.

“Identify your brand personality.” Always remember your uniqueness and what value your business brings to the table. Consistently use your platform to communicate that uniqueness to your customers. Social media should always be used when marketing this effort. You can reach customers in real-time and this enables you to directly make your impression on them. Imagery is the best strategy to embed a message in the minds of consumers. It has a longer lasting effect than words spoken or even written.

“Identify your customer base.” Don’t forget who you are advocating for. These are the ones who identify the most with your mission and goals. Make sure that your message is clear and has the ability to be understood and reciprocated by your consumers. Your base will be your biggest advocates. Establishing brand loyalty between your business and consumers should be similar to making a marriage work. You must constantly remind them of why they fell in love with you in the first place.

“Establish boundaries.” Establish very clearly what your company will and will not engage in. Consistently communicate this from the very top of the organization down to the base level. This also requires consistency in how your brand is marketed and portrayed in the eyes of consumers. Your goals and strategies should change as often as is necessary. Your values, however, should always convey the same message.

Always ask the question, “What would the world be missing out on if my business wasn’t around anymore?” This very question should be the standard that holds your organization accountable to genuinely meeting the needs of those that you committed to serving.

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