“What If?” 5 Ways To Overcome Your Entrepreneurial Fears


Failure to overcome certain fears as an entrepreneur is what keeps a lot of individuals from ever accomplishing what they most desire in life. When trying to pursue what you truly love, sometimes you can get in your own way. At some point in your professional career, you will need to make the decision to put yourself out there to be criticized, ridiculed and, even to fail a few times.

The almighty fear of the “What If” is a very powerful statement that paralyzes most entrepreneurs from ever taking that first step towards success. What most fail to realize is that there isn’t much of a fine line between becoming either your own biggest motivator or your own biggest doubter. You must embrace fear and anticipate adversary on your quest. Here are some ways that you could overcome this dilemma.

  1. “What if I can’t do this?” Visualize what you want to do. Sometimes actually seeing your dream on a hard copy can give you that needed boost to get the ball rolling. If you already have in mind what you want to name your business, create a logo so that this can be a reminder of what you are striving for. Hang it up in your office, plaster it on the fridge or even save it to your phone. There is free software that will allow you to create your own or you can seek this service from a freelance designer at a low cost.
  2. “What if this doesn’t work?” Learn to tune out self-doubt. Turn off that little voice in the back of your head that keeps trying to convince you that your idea won’t work and you are not capable of pulling this off. We can sometimes be our own biggest critic when we decide to pursue our true passion. Even the most successful businessmen are fearful. Learn to embrace this because truth is, you shouldn’t be comfortable when taking risks anyway. If this is the case then, you are not taking enough of them. Immerse yourself in everything good about what it is you are trying to accomplish and execute little by little. Very seldom will you find an entrepreneur that lucked up and became an overnight success.
  3. “What if I’m not motivated?” Identify a source of motivation. List the top 3 drivers that you will strive to keep your business in operation. For example, if you want to sell products, your top 3 drivers should be 1. Quality products, 2. Expert knowledge about your products, and 3. Great customer service. Having quality products should always motivate you to want to create the best product for the most reasonable price for your customers. Motivation is what will get you through those days when that little self-doubting voice is the loudest.
  4. “What if no one will support me?” When you are feeling frustrated who can you voice your frustrations to? Hopefully, you have been able to find some level of support from at least one other entrepreneur. Ideally, you can have a significant other that supports you. If not, then you should have some kind of support network from your team or corporate that you can talk to.
  5. “What if I’m not ready?” Take your first step. Sometimes the biggest hurdle to overcoming the fear of “What if” is to actually start your business. Be careful not to get so caught up in the small details of what you want to accomplish that your idea never leaves the ground. Do enough research to implement your project and then fix and learn from your mistakes along the way.

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

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