Creating A Money-Making Enterprise From Your Favorite Hobby


Wouldn’t all our lives be so much easier if we could just wake up every morning and do everything that we love to do? Imagine waking up eating your favorite meal, throwing on a comfortable outfit and heading off to your favorite yoga class every morning. Taking it a step forward, image if you can decide what time you’d like to start work and how many hours you’d like to work for that day.

What if I told you that turning a favorite hobby into a business may not be as far-fetched as it may seem. Today, literally any hobby can be transformed from a personal pleasure into a profitable business. The key to making such transition is to re-program our minds to search for everything that we love in a hobby in our career choices. If we can’t find these choices in today’s market, then we must start the journey of creating our own.

Sure, this sounds a lot easier said than done but, a newer generation has already started adopting this new way of thinking. We see these changes as the traditional workforce is allowing for more flexibility and intrinsic work values. A career is no longer being regarded as something that we must do to meet obligations. Instead, we are looking for careers that we genuinely love to do. We have become so accustomed to accepting a position that may not be our ideal career choice, that we don’t allow our minds to creatively create new career choices when our desired ones aren’t currently available.

Change is scary and can be difficult to adjust to when you’ve become comfortable with your daily routine. For those of us who have been taught to basically settle for what’s already out there, we must break the old habit of accepting these outdated norms.

However, with all good things comes the undesirables. Hobbies are self-serving and provide individuals an outlet from their day-to-day routines. Hobbies are meant to blow off steam and to take the pressure of stressors that one may be dealing with. Starting a new business can be literally the opposite of everything that a hobby can provide for us. Some people can combine the two and be able to sustain a very meaningful and fulfilling career. Others may not be as fortunate.

For you to have a win-win situation between your hobby and a potentially new career, you must draft a very detailed strategy of what is required to make this new transition (Subscribe today for The Millennipreneur’s Business Strategy Canvas). Ask yourself a few questions before committing to this transition. Will I still enjoy my hobby while now under pressure to perform/produce superior services/products? Will I still enjoy this hobby when I must meet strict deadlines? Will this hobby still be satisfying and relaxing once I am in business?

These are all very important factors to consider before you assume that you’d still enjoy this hobby once it becomes your business. Not realizing the stressors upfront of turning your hobby into a business can ultimately take the away the satisfaction that you get from this desired activity.

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