Reorganizing your Time to Make Way for Extra Income


Today one income stream just doesn’t cut it anymore. I mean who doesn’t want multiple streams of income? (seriously, I’ll wait for your answer). However, working that full-time job that will require 40+ hours of your time a week in addition to other personal commitments such as kids and/or taking care of loved ones will hardly leave any time for anything else to be done.

But like the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way. This will may mean cutting back on your favorite reality TV show, Sunday night sports game or even hanging out with friends on the weekends. You may even need to shave a few hours off your standard 8-hour beauty sleep at night to score that next big project or digital interruption in your desired market. The key to accomplishing such task will require commitment, planning, and good old-fashion time management.

Time-management is strategically managing your time in a way as to get the maximum amount of productivity out of the end result. Effective time-management can reduce the number of mishaps and backtrack when trying to accomplish important tasks.

You should always start with a brain dump of all the tasks that you will need to accomplish during the week. This can be most effective during the off-peak time when you’re not in the midst of things such as the weekend. Use the weekend to plan for the upcoming week.

Secondly, prioritize the tasks that take priority over other tasks and be sure to include a due date with these tasks. Don’t be afraid to use your phone calendar to remind you of these important dates. If it is a bill that needs to be paid, set up autopay with your account to ensure that it is paid on time so that will be one less thing to worry about. Responding to emails is always a stickler for me. Be sure to answer emails as soon as you open them or flag and mark them back as unread so that you can remember to revisit them.

Once you have completed prioritization, arrange your tasks into a schedule and strategically place items in the order that they’ll need to be completed. This will create a visual of all the tasks that you will need to complete for the week. This will also help you determine if you are taking on too much of a workload and should scale back on some things. It helps to estimate how much time you anticipate each task will require of you. This will allow you to realistically schedule your personal tasks such as cooking cleaning and getting the kids ready for bed. Once you have everything in a calendar, print it out and put it on your desk or save it to your desktop so that you can revisit it every day during the week.

However you decide to make time for your new project, it will require some sacrifice on your part to get it done. The question is, “How bad do you really want it?”




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