If You Know What I Know, You’d Choose A Niche


As an entrepreneur, especially if you are relatively new to the market, choosing a niche can be overwhelming. One of the good things about the world wide web is that it is versatile and allows for an unlimited reach to customers. Unfortunately, this is also its downfall.

The key to finding your niche is to start with an idea that you are most interested in. Think of it this way, if you are not willing to take on your new role unless a paycheck is attached to it, then this niche may not be for you. I mean don’t get me wrong, we all want to get paid to do what we love but, that can never be the only motivating factor.

This leads to our next point. Before you start to make any formal decisions about your new venture, be sure that you do enough research to determine if it is even profitable. This will set the stage on whether your idea is worth making into a business venture.

Assuming that your research has returned some promising info about your new venture, now the fun starts. Thoroughly analyze your potential product(s) and/or service(s) and determine which audiences are demanding them. Most importantly what are your potential competitors offering them and are they adequately meeting those needs. Make sure that you pay attention to those needs that aren’t being met. This may very well be what your business model will be centered around!

Make sure that once you start to analyze those needs that you break them down into the most granular detail. For example, let’s say that you want to start your own pet clothing line. Pretty broad, right? Don’t assume that everyone that owns a pet, is willing to buy clothes for them. Find out what age groups are typically buying clothes for their pets and market your potential product(s) and/or service(s) to that group. Furthermore, how much are they willing to pay for clothes for their pet? You have customers that are willing to buy high-end outfits and those that won’t. Which one will you choose (Hint: it’s all in your research)? Most importantly, what kind of pet will your clothing line cater to?

In addition, you should be an expert or have extensive experience in the sector that you are attempting to enter. If you have neither, no worries, embroil yourself in extensive research to get up to speed. Even so, it would be wise to surround yourself with experts in that field.

Now you need to market yourself. Choose keywords (related to your niche of course) that will help people find you. This will maximize your search engine optimization and ensure that your business venture shows up when potential customers are looking for your services. Surveil the keywords that your competitors are using and be sure to include those. Use the research that you do on your competitors as an opportunity to incorporate what will make you unique from the rest. Remember, you don’t want to blend in with them, you want to stand out from them.

If you are starting a small business, choosing a niche is less risky and lowers the barrier to entry to most markets. Choose one with plenty of potential customers and little competition and you have a very good chance of watching your business grow.

photo credit: hang_in_there Deciding Which Door to Choose 2 via photopin (license)


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